Recruitment, Retention and Human Resource Services


Details of Services

Unlike the earlier times, day-to-day HR function has become multifarious and complex today. A partnership on this between the HR function of the organisation and a professional agency like ours will have a multiplier effect in handling HR functions effectively. All our HR consultants are specialising in the field of human resource management and are qualified at levels higher than post graduation. All of them have considerable corporate experience.

Outsourced HR Functions

Suitable for small and medium organisations. In effect, this will mean our people handling all or some of the HR tasks like people management, organisational structuring and re-structuring, performance management, training, documentation, salary and wage administration, formulating HR and admin policies, statutory compliances, reference check of employees, full and final settlement of leaving employees, employee motivation etc. The advantages of these services would be - 1) cost reduction 2) professional management and 3) sharing of best practices of successful organisations.

Executive Development Programme

The current employee intake scenario in organisations makes this an important area of people development. Most organisations are not recruiting these days. Upgrading the skills of existing people and giving them higher responsibilities, under these circumstances, can be a very wise thing, not only for today but also for the long term effectiveness in the organisation.

Organisational Development services

1. Consultancy on cost-effective human resource management in today's peculiar financial conditions

2. Organisational surveys (climate survey, employee-satisfaction survey, communication survey, salary survey, employee turnover survey, career growth potential survey, organisational structure survey etc.)

3. Organisational structuring, re-structuring and diagnosis on a variety of matters, with an aim to make the organisation cost-effective

4. Assessment center / mini assessment center / psychometric profiling to ensure that the retained employees are capable of contributing well towards the organisations activities

5. Internal leadership development in which the leadership potentials of people available within the organisation are assessed and their elevation into leadership positions is facilitated. This involves procedures like written examinations, screening, interviews, psychological assessment, grooming etc. all of which we conduct as a package.

Performance Management Services

The current economic scenario world over is screaming for better, practical and measurable performance management system in organisations. The major Performance Management Services (PMS) being offered by us are:

v      Evaluation of current performance management system in the organisation and related diagnostics

v      Job rationalisation vis--vis positions and CTC of cluster of people

v      Performance management-based organisational structuring and re-structuring

v      Performance potential assessment of people

v      Performance enhancing training and development of people

v      Tailor-made performance management system development

Internal Promotion Process

Organisations need leaders. And in today's global financial situation, many organisations hesitate to recruit new leaders. Even if they do so, a newly recruited leader may take more time to settle down and may even get rejected by the team-mates. This can lead to disturbed / faulty leadership structure. Some of our clients have successfully identified, promoted and assigned important tasks to their own employees after our highly professional selection process. The major steps in this service are:

1) written examination

2) screening (involving group discussions etc.)

3) personal interviews

4) psychometric testing

5) leadership training

6) induction

Mini Assessment Centers

A full fledged assessment center procedure is often time consuming and costly and hence many organisations refrain from putting their employees through such an assessment center activities these days. Our mini assessment centre involves one night / two days outing (including travelling), assessments on activities, personality and leadership traits, professionalism and interpersonal skills, through a professional team of assessors. The outcomes of these procedures are excellent.

The usual procedure of the Mini Assessment Center is, going out into a suitable resort in the afternoon of day 1 and till the afternoon of day 2, briefing, group discussion, group planning, leadership tasks, teamwork tasks, psychometric testing, one-on-one interview etc., with our assessment professionals. Assessment report will be prepared and submitted to the client organisation shortly thereafter.

HRM-related Administrative Services

As a part of HRM services, we provide systematic and professional administrative services to organisations, because we feel that an organisation is never complete and effective without structured HR and Admin functions.

  1. Formulating administrative policies and policy manuals
  2. Streamlining security and discipline
  3. Streamlining attendance management
  4. Controlling costs of communication, stationery, travel and tour, electricity etc.
  5. Improving facility management including housekeeping, gardening, maintenance etc.

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