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The future of recruitment, employee engagement and employee retention is in work-life balance!

The time of employees shunning stressful work environment that denies quality of private life and opting for the one which balances work and life even for lesser remuneration has already begun.  With this, organisations which address employees’ concerns are bound to do better in the emerging work environment. The agony often is that the conventional minded decision-makers mostly brush this need aside.

We offer tailor-made solutions on employee retention as under:

bullet Assessment, evaluation and analysis of the existing work environment involving a slew operational and human factors
bullet Suggesting effective measures to develop work-life balance
bullet Execution / implementation of employee retention projects as a neutral / professional third party agency
bullet Hand-holding for sustaining the effects of implemented work-life balance measures


The above are the broad areas for work-life balance initiatives, each of which will have several sub-areas. We take up work-life balance initiatives as comprehensive work-life balance projects or as individual items like training, survey, mentoring etc.


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