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Dear Jobseeker,

Landing a job of your liking is not always a matter of luck. Deliberate organising of career at frequent intervals is an inevitable requirement of career planning. We can help you in it by guiding you in the following ways:

Career Guidance - In this, as your personal consultants, we help you take appropriate decisions on jobs, attaining professional qualifications, changing industry and job area, identifying your career interests through psychometric assessment, career planning etc.

CV Writing - Based on various inputs we take from you, we will prepare appropriate CVs matching your profile with your career / job interests.

Guidance on Competitive Examinations and Central Government Jobs - A number of well-paid jobs are available in the government sector. Recruitment into most of the superior ones among them are done through competitive examinations. In this service, we will provide you with guidance on government jobs and competitive examinations that suit your profile periodically.

Self-development Training Programmes - The self-development training programmes have been developed by our Corporate Training and People-development Division after long researches on methods to enhance career success and workplace effectiveness. In this programme, the participants are guided to develop skills in several areas with the help of a guidance booklet and small project works that are required to be done by the participants and the details recorded in a well-designed record book (journal) that are provided by us. This training programme can be started any day anywhere in India and does not involve any classroom sessions. It gets completed in one and a half to two months’ time, after which the journal work has to be submitted to us for evaluation. After evaluation at our end, we provide the successful participants with an appropriately graded participation certificate. Click here for more information.

Counselling (directly with a psychologist) on a variety of personal, relationship and career matters - This will help you in coping with various situations, taking decisions and making choices.


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